The Nod

Michelle Elvy, Fictionaut’s Guest Editor, talks about “Take our marriage and replace it with blue cheese dressing,” on July’s (2013) Editor’s Eye:

What’s not to like about this story? It catches you from the get-go (what a title! what a concept!), it buzzes with humor and honesty – two things I love in a well-crafted story – and it has a sense of play that makes the story and voice shine. I love the opening phrase ‘whether it’s on sale or not’, implying a kind of carefree attitude in what is really a very serious ode to love, in all its possibilities. The alternate world of hippie sauce, the fleeting moment in which two paths cross – in one universe or another – and phrasings that are original and delightful (“That you are downright joyful to have found your pungent dream manifest in a repurposed jelly jar”) make me smile. The pacing is perfect, and the whole thing comes down to the final sentence (taking up a substantial nearly one-third of the story), bringing us back to the present in a most satisfying manner. It’s a wholly unexpected blue-eyed-green-eyed love story, served with aplomb. Magic!


I’ll never again look for an editor because I’ve found the best there is in Jodi. She is a writer’s best friend and toughest coach, helping you on that grueling last stretch from almost done to done. I can’t wait to work with her again.  -Michael Durbin, writer


It is both wonderful and rare when someone makes a life-changing difference in your life. In October, 2012, I learned that the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators was sponsoring a contest for writers of color. I had one month to complete my young adult novel, Cato’s Last Home Run. And though I had the mental energy to do the writing required, I did not have the courage to read my book from beginning to end and presume to enter it into a contest. Jodi to the rescue! Thanks to the thoroughness of her critique and her attention to details of the plot and characters, I was able to revise the manuscript and submit it on time. And…I won the contest! I am now revising the book, again, and expect to engage Jodi’s editing skills as I continue my journey to publication…and wealth and fame, of course!  -Sandee Headen, author, Cato’s Last Home Run

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