Pubs + Awards



  • “At the Grey Dog in Chelsea,” publication forthcoming in the North Carolina Literary Review (2021).
  • “Placebo” in Pinesong, 2014.
  • “Enough” in Walter Magazine (reprint) February 2014.
  • unsettled, Main Street Rag, Author’s Choice Series, 2010
  • “Enough” in …and love… by Jacar Press, 2012
  •  “Straight from the Bully Pulpit” in The Best of the Fuquay-Varina Reading Series 2012, Main Street Rag
  • “Holy Magic Goat Shit” in The Best of Hickory Reading Series 2012, Main Street Rag
  • “On-the-job Training” and “Serf and Turf” in Blue Collar Review Winter 2011-12
  • “Hephaestus Tries to Remember” in Bay Leaves, 37, 2011, NC Poetry Council
  • “Memory and Desire,” “From Management Professor to Bakery Salesgirl” and “Inner Monologue During a Recent Interview” in The Best of the Raleigh Reading Series 2011, Main Street Rag
  • “Music of Parisian Immigrants,” “La Vraie Riviere,” and “The Occupation” in Iodine Poetry Journal, Fall/Winter 2010/11

Flash, Short Story

  • “Our First Apartment” finalist for Micro Madness 2020, Flash Frontier, June 2020. Video reading here.
  • “Mini-Skirt” in Everything Art Collective, May 2014.
  • “Counting” in Lascaux 250 March 2014; The Lascaux Review Spring 2014.
  • “Ethics” and “Take our marriage and replace it with blue cheese dressing” in Camroc Press Review February 2014.
  • “My Uncle’s Last Day in Hospice” in Tupelo Quarterly Winter 2014.
  • “Six Days of Pritchett” in Sixfold Fiction Fall 2013.
  • “The Greatest Narcissist On Earth,” in Prime Number, Issue 41, October 2013
  • “The Light” in 100 Word Story, June 2013
  • “Reconstruction” in Prime Number, Issue 29, Fall 2012
  • “Hollow” in 234 Journal
  • “Just in Time” in The Best of the Fuquay-Varina Reading Series 2012
  • “The Snake Charmer” in The Best of the Fuquay-Varina Reading Series 2011



Honorable Mention, 2020 James Applewhite Prize for Poetry, North Carolina Literary Review, for “At the Grey Dog in Chelsea”

Winner, 2014 Poetry On The Bus, juried by The Raleigh Review for “Home”

First Place, 2014 NC Poetry Society’s Carol Bessent Hayman Poetry of Love Award

Finalist, 2012 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest, Cutthroat Magazine

Runner up, 2010 Oscar Arnold Young Award, for first chapbook, unsettled

Runner up, 2012 Main Street Rag Annual Chapbook Contest for manuscript, Working The Line

Flash/Short Story

Finalist, 2020 Micro Madness contest, Flash Frontier, for “Our First Apartment

Finalist, 2014 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction Collection for Skirting the Dress Code

Winner, 2014 Lascaux 250 Contest for “Counting

Finalist, 2013 Tupelo Quarterly Open Prose Contest for “My Uncle’s Last Day in Hospice

Finalist, 2013 Press 53 Open Awards for Short-Short Story “Lucky”

The Wigleaf Top 50 (2013) for “Reconstruction” in Prime Number

Finalist, 2012 Glimmer Train Short Short Story “All That’s Seen and Unseen”

Finalist, 2011 Press 53 Open Awards for Short-Short Story “Immoral Gratitude”

Winner, 2012 53-word story competition, Press 53; published in Prime Number

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