Santa Breaks Bad for Good (just in time for Christmas!)

Santa_Breaks_Bad_Cover_for_KindleIn 14 flash fiction chapters, Santa goes off on a reality TV celeb and is swiftly incarcerated while political, social and supernatural forces conspire to cancel Christmas. Two brilliant women–a Russian hacker and a Moroccan pastry chef–enlist The Legion of Doom to free Santa. But not before Joker and the KGB attempt one last deal.

The world of mythic, graphic and human characters becomes strangely credible in this international love story. Santa’s meltdown sets off a chain of events where everyone–Mrs. Claus, the Joker, Russian spies, and lovely Carmelita–is forced to face what they really want. As greed and jealousy infect humans and supervillains alike, only love can save them…and maybe Christmas.

Santa Breaks Bad is available now on Amazon and on Kindle. All proceeds go to 14 Words For Love whose mission is to enlarge our sense of community through small acts of writing and art.

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