Lighting a Candle in the Church of Bradbury

Collage by Jodi Barnes

Help us end this tired fiction.

Invoke an arc to leap the page.

The boorish villain

all fume and rant

cannot be saved.

Salve our radiant burns.

Spare us petulant rage.

Graft hope into our pores

dying to breathe again.

Free our plot past states of hate

and fears he will grab everything

left and right at stake.

Make our story good again.

We are bored with pain,

our small roles of fury

when we could do sedition.

We have memorized the Revolution

across pyrotechnic dreams.

So we pray,

inspire the draft,

the healing sequel to our scorched past.

But first, help us burn this narrative.

Write us parti-colored patriots,

hand in hand, witnessing the turn,

yellow-orange to ash.

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